Release of 11 Rares and 45 Commons


    3,333 retired Bandits, Assassins, Killers, Murderers, Hitmen, and Bounty Hunters forging a team called "Dark Aces" roaming around the binance smart chain sharing a common goal in taking over the marketplace, with the vision of helping others by using the blockchain technology and eventually getting involved in web 3.0 code:345-


    Help people, support artists, and sustaining a growing community while making the collectors fulfilled and happy.


    Becoming a brand in web 3.0 with the use of blockchain technology to benefit and help more people.

    Rarity and Rankings

    Dark Aces consists of 3,333 NFTs which are determined by their respective ranks.
    1667 are males while 1666 are females.

    they are ranked by their rarity which includes the following:
    Common, Rare , Mythical, Legendary and Spade.
    This is the explanation on each rarity ↓ -564-


    Commons are the usual aces though they are normal, each of them are unique.

    78% chance of drop
    2,600/3,333 are commons.


    Rare are aces that has a golden mask with a golden weapon.

    12% chance of drop
    400/3,333 are commons.


    Mythical are unique aces who wears a mask and a hat that is 1/1 (the mask and hat won't be used for generated traits)

    6% chance of drop
    200/3,333 are commons.


    Legendary are unique aces who wears a clothe and carries a weapon that is 1/1 (the weapon and clothe won't be used for generated traits)

    3% chance of drop
    100/3,333 are commons.


    Spade are the most unique aces for the reason that all of the traits they have which are : Earrings, Mask, Weapons, Background etc. are 1/1 all of it won't be used as traits.

    1% chance of drop
    33/3,333 are commons.

    Conclusion: For every 100 Aces listed there will be 78 Commons, 12 Rares, 6 Mythical, 3 Legendary, 1 Spade


    Phase 1 : The Journey

    ♠ Release of 833 Aces
    ♠️ Website Launch
    ♠️ Ace Giveaways
    ♠️ Discord Launch
    ♠️ Pre-sale and WL spots
    ♠️ Collab with Pentas Artists
    ♠️ Buy 2 Get 1 Mechanic (Buy 1 Male and 1 Female ace and get 1 Random Ace)

    Phase 2 : The Community

    ♠ Release of 833-1666 Aces
    ♠️ Pre-sale and WL spots
    ♠️ Collab with Pentas Artists
    ♠️ Anon Sell Mechanic (after buying 1 Male and Female ace, you have the option to "Anon" Sell it, we will mint the ace and sell in on the primary marketplace 100% profit goes to you)
    ♠️ Ace Giveaways

    Phase 3 : The Donation

    ♠ Release of 1666-2500 Aces
    ♠️ Pre-sale and WL spots
    ♠️ Collab with Pentas Artists
    ♠️ Buying Ace Holders NFTs
    ♠️ Ace Giveaways
    ♠️ Donating to a charity (Community Choice)

    Phase 4 : Headquarters

    ♠ Release of 2500-3333 Aces
    ♠️ Pre-sale and WL spots
    ♠️ Collab with Pentas Artists
    ♠️ Ace Giveaways
    ♠️ Secret NFT airdrops to Ace holders
    ♠️ Merch Giveaway to Rare, Mythical, Legendary, Spade Ace Holders

    Perks -657




    Able to vote in the community and
    give suggestion for
    further improvement in our roadmap,
    while participating in events
    to get "Aces" or BNBs
    as rewards

    Able to own a unique NFT called "Dark Aces"
    and use it for different kinds of purposes
    lEx: Merch, Marketing and more.

    Able to get an exclusive limited "Dark Aces"
    Merch, (Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers and more),

    Floor Price

    RarityPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4

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